• Tasty as Butter… Healthy as Oil

    100% vegetal, zero lactose, good for real

The origins of Burrolio

Passion for land, the recall of tradition, the certainty
that good things are not subjects to usury…

The originality and flavor of BURROLIO derive from the expertise of a company, whose main principles are genuineness and quality, Oleaum Sabinae.

Founded more than 15 years ago, in the heart of Sabina (Italy), Oleum Sabinae is specialized in the production of organic extra-virgin olive oil, 100% made in Italy and certified by the trademark SABINA DOP.
The company take care of the whole products productive cycle, from plantation to harvest, from storage to the arrival at your place.

Burrolio, such as all Oleaum Sabinae’s products, is a real jewel, born thanks to specific and detailed studies about raw materials nutritional properties.

Just another oiled butter? No way!

Good, healthy and… lactose free!

Burrolio’s original taste derives from the union of classic and exquisite flavor of extra-virgin olive oil and full-bodied cocoa butter from Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Such as for olive pressing, also our cocoa butter is extracted by a mechanic process 100% natural, without the use of chemical solvents.

It respects all Oleum Sabinae’s values: delivering a high quality, good, tasty and healthy product right on your table!

Burrolio is not just a good and healthy product, Burrolio is for everyone!

Our idea was creating a butter consumable by everyone: we made it 100% vegetal and with no animal extracts to make it vegan approved and we didn’t put any lactose in to make it to be tasted even by lactose intolerants.

In addition to Burrolio classic flavor, for hard to please palates we created three more extra flavours. Garlic Burroolio for those who like intense and decisive flavors, Basil Burrolio for all the lovers of mediterranean foods and surprising Lemon Burrolio to try even on desserts!

That’s why you’ll love it...

Burrolio is the best solution to not being forced to renounce to taste… staying fit!
It is 100% vegetal butter with extra-virgin olive oil (70%) and cocoa butter (30%).


Olives and cocoa beans, at the base of Burrolio’s oil and cocoa butter, are pressed mechanically without adding any chemicals to it, so to make our butter completely natural.


From today, even vegans can recover butter irreplaceable flavor remaining faithful to their lifestyle.


As we mentioned before, our idea was to obtain a butter usable by everyone, above all by lactose intolerants and with Burrolio we made it!


In most vegetal creams, margarine included, we can find it. Burrolio is made this way: 70% Oil, 30% Cocoa Butter and 0% Cholesterol, it is guaranteed!

How will it perfect your recipes?

Burrolio is a valid substitute for milk butter or margarine.

Its buttery texture makes it perfect to be spread on bread, its fruity scent, of extra-virgin olive oil mixed to cocoa butter, gives to Burrolio a delicacy to use it in all your recipes, sweet or salted, where you would use common butter.

Burrolio is already used by many chefs all around the world, who didn’t want to renounce to butter, but were looking for a product suitable to clients food intolerances and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Do you want to try your favorite recipe with Burrolio? Contact us!



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